Gremlins (Not the Movie)

It was my turn to edit a video for the House Bandersnatch channel, but when I checked on my recordings, they were all garbage. Not that the stuff wasn’t good, cause hey, trust me, that stuff was gold. Technical issues, bloody gremlins, they ruined everything. My capture program has an option to record the past 5 minutes of a game, but it was only recording the last 10-30 seconds. So, not what it said on the tin, you know? As for actual proper normal recordings, well, they were riddled with graphic issues; stuttering, pixelation, grayed out scenes. Awful.

So when I got home to work on my filler idea (just a small video where I explain why everything is bad, but what we have planned for the future), I had other ideas. The video wouldn’t be filler, it would be a news piece for the subscribed! It would be worth the time, not just for what you heard, BUT WHAT YOU SAW. I tried installing a webcam a friend gave me. The disc was scratched, and it couldn’t install. Tried the other webcam. Same deal. So. Plan B is ruined. Plan C, different game, something a bit more visually stimulating! One capture program wouldn’t even acknowledge it’s existence, and the other wouldn’t stop whining about how intensive it was on my computer. Dumb dumb dumb. Mini Metro it was.

Recorded that, recorded my narration, and all is good. But fuck the idea of editing. I’m done with the bevy of failures for tonight. Tomorrow’s video will be late because of the goddamn gremlins.


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