If you ask any of my friends, I’m a lover of podcasts. The first I listened to was Never Not Funny, one of the premiere quality podcasts. A lot of people give that credit to Marc Maron’s WTF, and that’s a good show, but to be fair, Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknap have been doing it longer, and in my opinion, at a higher quality. I listened to Comedy Deathray Radio, as it started, being just another show on a radio station that was also distributed online, up until they got their studios, changed their name to Comedy Bang Bang, and started their own network. I was a fan of the Nerdist up until, and this is a weird criticism of a podcast, they started updating too much. I get you like doing it, but dudes, there’s such a thing as too much. Having said that, keep it up if you’re still doing.

I’ve tapered off a lot. At my peak, I was regularly listening to about fifteen, which was impossible to really keep up with. I came close to not listening to any for a few years. But lately, I’ve gotten back on board, and have expanded what kind of things I’ve listened to, and the big one I’ve enjoyed? Serialized miniseries.

The first one I listened to was an offshoot of Welcome to Nightvale, which, if you’ve never heard, your life is for naught. It’s wonderfully bizarre, even if the host’s voice is sometimes…just…I can’t take it. The enunciation is just so unpleasant sometimes. Anyway, The offshoot was called Within the WiresWithin the Wires is described as relaxation tapes from another dimension. Weird, right? I should mention that they are in no way relaxing, and as the series progresses, and yes, it has a plot, it has some wonderfully upsetting moments. The production and voice acting are phenomenal. The ending…well…it’s stuck with me. I desperately want to say more, but I don’t want to give anything away.

I’ve just finished another series, called Limetown In it, a reporter investigates a mysterious event in the titular town, where 327 men, women, and children just disappeared. It’s intensely fascinating. I finished it while riding the bus home, and once it was done, I just turned off my iPod and reflected. I had finished my second serialized podcast, and I had a perfect two for two in terms of podcasts that haunted me.

I want to end this by saying, holy fuck, listen to those two. I need to talk to people about these shows. I want people to hear a good story. And you don’t even have to commit to much since they’re miniseries! Such little commitment!


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