A letter to you!



If you ask any of my friends, I’m a lover of podcasts. The first I listened to was Never Not Funny, one of the premiere quality podcasts. A lot of people give that credit to Marc Maron’s WTF, and that’s a good show, but to be fair, Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknap have been doing […]

Bell Media’s Talk About It

This is weird timing. It was apparently National Mental Health Day and oh so recently, I wrote about my own experiences with said subject. I swear this was not intentional. You probably suspect me anyway, because you’re all jerks. That’s right, I dropped the J-Bomb. Deal with THAT. Anyway, for those not in the know, […]

My Mental Health

I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while. It came back to mind after a wonderful evening of watching creepy compilation videos. One of the videos included a representation of auditory hallucinations, which I’ll include¬†further on. I was originally going to just put it on Facebook, but then I figured, hell, I […]

Gremlins (Not the Movie)

It was my turn to edit a video for the House Bandersnatch channel, but when I checked on my recordings, they were all garbage. Not that the stuff wasn’t good, cause hey, trust me, that stuff was gold. Technical issues, bloody gremlins, they ruined everything. My capture program has an option to record the past […]